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U&I - a new local Torquay label by some mega babes

Emma & Jodie - mega babes I’ve met some awesome people surfing – some of conversations you have in the line-up or in the carpark can sometimes blossom into a lovely friendship. Emma is one of those friends who then introduced me to her bestie, Jodie. They’re ace chicks who live in a ramshackle 1930s beach shack in Torquay where they throw parties, have a surfboard shaping shed out the back and run their own surf label, U&I . Jodie & Emma  They came to visit me at Camp Rad on a chilly Sunday afternoon to chat over pizza and a bottle of red and give me the U&I lowdown… How did U&I first came about? Emma: I just wanted to create a brand that represents girls the way we are – we’re active. We’re surfers. We’re not chicks hanging out sunbathing ... Alana Blanchard’s butt on a billboard, it’s ridiculous, we don’t want to be her. Jodie: Although I’m sure she’s a really lovely girl… This is Elise - U&I model and also my personal trainer . S

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